Certification in Retail Management

The National Professional Certification in Retail Management is an industry-driven and endorsed credential to help employers distinguish and recognize their existing and potential managers. Developed with support from the U.S. Department of Labor and American Express Foundation, this credential defines a new level of career advancement to motivate retail leaders to stay and grow in their jobs.

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About the Certification

The retail management certification is based on competency statements developed with input from numerous retail companies and employees. Companies can use certification to:

  • Identify qualified candidates and associates suitable for management positions
  • Develop performance goals
  • Build retention
  • Encourage continued learning and career advancement
  • Reduce the cost of recruiting and training employees

By earning the retail management certification, candidates can demonstrate that they have knowledge and skills in the primary disciplines of retail management. The certification is geared towards the new sales manager, assistant manager, anyone wanting to pursue a management career in retail and related industries and interested in long-term career and company growth.

Knowledge and Skill Areas

The certification captures the core of what Retail Managers need to know for a broad range of management and supervisory positions. The assessment to earn the certification measures and validates knowledge in:

  • Selling & Service
  • Merchandising
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Administrative & Financial Accountability

How to Earn

Candidates can earn the certification by passing an online, 100-question assessment. The assessment must be proctored. Candidates can schedule testing at public test centers across the U.S.A, or companies can set-up as a private test site, have proctors trained, and offer the assessment internally. The base price of the exam is $85 to $105, depending on the test site.

Training Resources to Help Prepare

The Candidate Handbook outlines the testing process provides sample questions, and gives detailed information about the five work areas covered on the test. Starting on page 18, you will find the competency breakdowns. Test questions are based on the 'Tasks' found under each 'Domain.'

Candidates can view an online demonstration of the exam to see the format and sample questions. The online demo does not provide automatic scoring, so you will need to write out your answers and check them against the answer key: 1)A, 2)B, 3)C, 4)D, 5)C, 6)B, 7)D, 8)A, 9)B, 10)A.

The Retail Management and Operations curriculum is aimed at new or aspiring Sales Managers or Assistant Managers preparing for a lead role in Retail Management. This curriculum is designed to be a 40-hour interactive, instructor-led course, and is now available to help promote best practices in retail management and operational concepts and processes, and to help participants understand accountability in Retail Management. 
Participant's Guide: $60.00
Facilitator's Guide: $250.00

Candidates wishing to prepare for this exam on an individual basis should also
consider the NRF Retail Management Training Suite found at the Retail Development Academy. This set of online courses provides the learner with an overview of the retail industry and an opportunity to understand the areas of accountability for a Retail Manager. Completion of this course will not replace the formal credential, but it is designed to help prepare a candidate for the exam. Candidates will also receive a "certificate of completion" after finishing the course modules. To view a demo of the Retail Management Training Suite, please click here.
Online Course: $300.00