Retail Business Credential

The Professional Retail Business Credential measures and validates knowledge of key retail disciplines. The credential aims to foster deeper industry familiarity among business consulting professionals and others.

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About the Credential

Developed by NRF Foundation, with support from Infosys Technologies, Ltd., the exam to earn the Professional Retail Business Credential measures non-retailers understanding of seven key areas of retail operations. The credential is ideally suited for:

  • Business partners or providers to retail companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Retail companies looking for a comprehensive exam to measure new hires without prior retail experience

Candidates who earn the credential can prove their knowledge of core retail operations, terminology, and processes. If your company sells or markets to retailers, this credential allows you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to understanding retail clients' needs, and
  • Better serve your clients with increased knowledge of the industry

“The NRF Credential creates a badge of domain expertise and sets a standard for the industry. Technology may serve as a transformational agent, but only when applied with industry expertise. We invest in educating our employees about the technology and the retail industry so that we may help clients transform operations based on their market nuances.”

- Pravin Rao, U. B., Senior Vice President – Retail, Distribution & Consumer Products Group, Infosys Technologies Limited

Knowledge and Skill Areas

The test measures knowledge in the following retail disciplines:

  • Retail Operations
  • Merchandising
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Retail Management & Planning
  • The Retail Context & Customer
  • The Retail Organization & People/HR
  • Warehousing & Logistics

How to Earn the Credential

Candidates can earn the Professional Retail Business Credential by passing an online, 75-question assessment. The assessment must be proctored. Candidates can schedule testing at test centers across the U.S.A., or companies can set-up as a private test site, have proctors trained, and offer the assessment internally. The base price of the exam is $85, to $105, depending on test site.

The Professional Retail Business Credential does not expire, and therefore, does not require renewal.

Training Resources to Help Prepare

Candidates can view an online demonstration of the exam to see the format and sample questions. The online demo does not provide automatic scoring, so you will need to write out your answers and check them against the answer key: 1)A, 2)C, 3)C, 4)C, 5)B, 6)D, 7)C, 8)A, 9)D 10)B, 11)A.

Training for this credential is available through Martec International's "Understanding Retail" course, which can be found at the Retail Development Academy.

The Understanding Retail Suite consists of eight online modules that give learners a solid understanding of the basics of retailing. It provides detailed information about the retail industry and how it works. It is in effect, retailing for non-retailers. Course modules include:

  • Fundamentals of Retail
  • Key Retail Financials
  • Overview of the Key Retail Processes
  • Private Label & Merchandising
  • Retail Buying & Planning
  • Retail Marketing
  • Supply Chain Improvement

The course takes 8 to 10 hours to complete, depending on the learner. The cost is $630 per learner for a three-month license. Read the detailed course outline, or view a demonstration