Certifications & Training


The NRF Foundation's educational and career development programs encourage professional growth and superior performance in retailing for associates and executives at all levels. Our training and curriculum products align with industry skill standards and highlight career advancement opportunities.

Professional Certification

Our professional credentials provide an excellent capstone to training programs as they establish clear performance expectations, provide a formal documentation of knowledge, and demonstrate commitment to professional growth.

The NRF Foundation's professional credentials include:

Instructor and Participant Training Resources

The NRF Foundation has a variety of curriculum resources for participants, educators, trainers, and others in need of high quality industry-developed training materials in the areas of customer service, sales, and retail management. A sampling of the curriculum products include:

  • Retail Operations: a 40-hour curriculum, designed to be an instructor-led course to prepare candidates for the National Professional Certifications in Customer Service and Sales.
  • Retail Management and Operations: a curriculum designed to be an interactive instructor-led course to prepare candidates for the National Professional Certification in Retail Management.
  • Retailing Smarts Workbooks: a selection of interactive workbooks on a variety of retail topics, these workbooks were designed for self-study but do have available leader's guides. 
  • Customer Service and Sales Skills Standards: a resource for educators and instructors designing a training program based on our industry skill standards for customer service and sales.


Frequently Asked Certification Questions